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S. Nellis Just North of Flamingo

las vegas coin laundry store 1

3860 S Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89121

(702) 434-5708

S. Nellis and Desert Inn

las vegas coin laundry store 2

3310 S Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89121

(702) 462-9020

Major Ave., Center & Bulkholder

las vegas coin laundry store 3

716 Center St.
Henderson, NV 89005

(702) 558-5127

S. Boulder Highway at Major

las vegas coin laundry store 4

750 S. Boulder Hwy
Henderson, NV 89015

(702) 735-4445

E. Charleston at Bruce St.

las vegas coin laundry store 5

1748 E. Charleston
Las Vegas, Nv 89104

(702) 474-9274

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You can trust Las Vegas Coin Laundry

Don’t have a washer and dryer in your home? Looking to save on your personal electricity and water bill? There are several reasons people choose to use a coin operated laundromat including speed. With our self-service laundry you can wash and dry several loads at one time, finishing your laundry in a fraction of time compared to using your home machines. Imagine the time saved by doing your whites, darks and delicate simultaneously!

Did you know? We’re happy to assist in and out of the store with your big loads of laundry. Why not have us do your laundry for you while you do more important things such as errands, taking the kids to the park, or going to lunch with that special someone. Our WASH * DRY * FOLD is second to none. You can trust Las Vegas Coin Laundry. Come in Today!

Why Choose Us?

  • Drop Off * Wash * Dry * Fold Service
  • All locations AIR CONDITIONED!
  • Washing machines boast High Speed Spin Cycles, cutting down on Drying Time
  • We are Clean, Bright, and Safe.
  • Well maintained washing machines
  • Extra-Large Capacity washing machines
  • Well-lit, safe facility
  • Plenty of comfortable seating and tables
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Flat-Screen Televisions
  • Snack and drink machines
  • Assistance with your Laundry. Just ask!