Great service, great staff, great place to do your laundry. Highly recommend Las Vegas Coin Laundry to all my friends. Was in an out in less than an hour. Awesome!


I love the fact that the whole place was clean along with having help taking my laundry out to the car. I was even able to watch one of my favorite TV shows too! Great job.


Place is fantastic. Nice and clean, and really appreciated the folding tables along with the large laundry carts provided. Great selection of both the washer and dryer sizes was a BIG plus!


It was early and surprised that I could get everything finished before 8am! Had the place to myself and get all my wash done before it became hot out. Nice and cool with plenty of space to fold my clothes.


Jeffrey was great! He was outside ready with a laundry cart as soon as I pulled up. Very nice guy w a great personality. All the otherstaff is real nice as well. Love this place, very clean and spacious


The restrooms are cleaner and more sanitary than some restaurants I’ve been in The employees should be commended for the job they are doing. Las Vegas coin laundry gets a 2 thumbs up in my books


I ♡doug. Great customer service and very helpful


I was here Thanksgiving late night and your attendant drew is amazing. He carried my stuff for me in and out and was there if needed. Definetely an amazing assett to your team! Always wears a smile on the overnight shift. An absolute pleasure to be around!


Sparkling clean. All size washers and dryers and new. I have never been in a laundry as nice as this. The young man That helped me with washing some small rugs Doug (I think) was so very helpful and personable. He helped me as though he was the owner and not an employee, which he was. 24 hour 7 days a week. nothing better than that.

Dale Franklin

Store is great! Always clean! Staff will help carry to and from your car and help with anything else! Hours are great!