Frequently Asked Questions

For best results, limit the amount of items that go into the washer. It is best to only fill up the washer half way. Washers require some space in order for your clothes to move around to get those stains and dirt out. Use high quality detergents as they are more effective than cheaper ones.

If you have a large load, use the bigger washing machines first. Once you no longer have enough items to make a full load, move to the smaller machines. As an added bonus, the larger machines provide a better wash than the smaller ones.

We do! We offer a Wash, Dry, Fold, service at two of our Locations!

1200 West Owens, Las Vegas
1748 E Charleston BLVD, Las Vegas

Let our friendly attendants know what you would like done and we will Wash/Dry/Fold to your specifications. Just bring in your laundry and we will provide the rest!

No problem! Bring your coins our attendants and they can exchange them for bills. If you are in need of smaller bills, we have a bill-to-bill exchanger that is able to break down your larger bills for you.

Our card machine is easy to use! Simply select your preferred language, select new card and insert your credit card, debit card, or cash! If you add $20.00 or more at once at any given time, you will receive a $1.00 bonus onto your laundry card.

To check the balance on your laundry card, insert your card into the exchanger machine where you purchased your laundry card and select “check balance.” You may also visit https://lasvegascoinlaundry.com/check-card-balance/ and input your laundry card number located on the back of your card.

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