Jeffery was extremely helpful with all my needs and provided excellent customer service.

Thank you Jeffrey for all your help!

Tami Thomas

I went to LV #2 last night. Dru was so friendly and helpful. I really appreciate the service he provided. Thank you for changing the hours to 24 hours. It certainly helps me know their is a great place open when I need them that is close to where I live.


STUNNING website, GREAT service, and stellar at being a clean and safe place for me and my children. You guys need to be all over the country! I look forward to coming back again and again.


First and foremost we’d like to thank you for hiring such DEDICATED employees. I met Dru the laundromat attendant on our last visit on Sun. 06/08/14. First time visiting your coin-less laundromat in which I must say…. Love using a laundry card in place of coins. Place….Including restroom is very clean and well maintained. On Mon. 06/16/14 once again I experienced one of your other employee (Donny) …His amazing people skills. Went the extra mile when I needed to place a call. Always a pleasure to encounter such pleasant actions and environment. Keep up the GREAT work guys!!!!

De Leon